Inter-Agency Connections

Verna attended an interagency zoom meeting and noted several items that will be of interest to our seniors.

In the last 5 months, St Vincent De Paul Organization has helped 71 families in Beltrami county to the tune of $14,000.00. Which is about $200.00 each. They help with repairs, food, basic needs.

Northwood Caregivers offer respite services for people who are taking care of a loved one. Many of our members are taking care of brothers, sisters, spouses & parents. This agency offers support groups and respite services where they come watch your person while you have a break.

CRC-Community Resource Connections- is offering to host a Medicare 101 class from Senior LinkAge Line. This class is offered free to seniors who have questions or are navigating the Medicare system. The classes are in zoom but because many seniors don’t know how to access zoom, the CRC is hosting a class in April where they will have a large screen and people can sign up, go to the CRC building and take the class. Although there is no day or time scheduled yet, if you are interested you should call 218-333-0880 to sign up for this class.

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