The VITA/TCE tax assistance program located at the Bemidji Senior Center is
planning on operating again this year. How it will happen is still in the planning stages
but some general guidelines have been put into place. The plan is to limit face to face
contact between the volunteer and the client so as to reduce the exposure for everyone
involved. It will involve two visits to the Center by the taxpayer.

Assistance will be available by appointment only. The taxpayer will bring their
paper work in and meet with a volunteer who will scan the documents into the computer. The clients will leave with an appointment to return a week later. In the meantime, another volunteer will call the client to clarify the return and another volunteer will review it. When the clients return, they will meet with a volunteer who will review the return with them. If it meets with the clients’ approval, they will sign the return, and the tax return will be efiled. All scanned documents will be deleted.

The earliest this could start is Thursday, Feb 11. Specific information will be
published as it is finalized. Appointments are not yet being scheduled, so please wait to call.

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